Dattakryia Process

Dattakyria Process through the Dattatreya Energy.

The universe was created by Mother Divine….. it is her play. She works through nature as the illusions, her Mahamaya. According to the ancient knowledge, there is only one expert to handle her illusions: Dattatreya, the 3 aspects of G.O.D – Generator, Operator and Destroyer – merged into 1. He knows exactly how to walk out from her illusions. Dattakriya supports us in becoming such an expert ourselves.” Swami Kaleshwar

The Dattakryia Process is a 6 month initiatory journey that connects us to the Dattatreya energy and to the mechanisms of the entire cycle of creation through the Holy Womb, as revealed by Divine Mother. This Master Channel is a powerful detaching mechanism of to short cut and complete the karmic story. You will complete your destiny this lifetime.

Jesus Christ and Shirdi Sai Baba were the only two real masters in the last 2000 years to really embody the Dattatreya energy perfectly.

Now through the grace of the Dattatreya Lineage:

You can transform heartbreak, depression and any type of hurt and trauma  You receive the strongest protection for yourself and your home from all forms of disquieted energy You can bring lasting healing to those suffering with addictions Positive energy will flow even without your notice

During the Dattakryia process you will receive initiation, instruction, and support. This process is offered twice during the year.  The next group will begin in Spring 2017

For more details contact Catherine Leathers, Certified Teacher of the DattaKryia process.


Autumn/Early Winter - September 4, 2018 to December 14, 2018

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