by Donald Leathers, ND

It is my wish to write this as open, vulnerable and honest as I can. This open, honest sharing of the heart is what Qigong, my teachers and the Qi have shown me to be the truth of being human and of life itself. I feel I have been blessed with kind and loving teachers in Qigong over the past 30 years. In the last 11 of these years I have given myself to and rested in Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong, the Qigong of cultivating unconditional Love. Practice I have found to be a most important part in opening my heart. It was practice that has given me the focus and discipline I needed to carry on in life and to hear the Guru in my Heart.

I was born into an average middle class family in the United States. We were not rich and we were not poor. I had everything I needed and this thread has remained present through out my life. Always I seem to have or get all that I need to sustain my family and I. No more and no less. I was also born with a strong will and arrogance. My willfulness probably kept me alive and probably saved me a few time but the truth is, it held me back more then helped. My arrogance was not about being better then everyone. It was far more self-centered. I thought I should know everything already and what I didn’t know my will would make it happen instantly. There was no reason to apply myself. I was just going to enjoy and cruise through life.

In my heart, from the beginning, my greatest love has been for humanity. I feel that God’s greatest creation on Earth was mankind. With every human I see or meet my Heart flutters with joy. These 3 pieces were important parts of my foundation. I was given the knowing truth that I had enough, I had a self-imposed barrier to life, and I had a gift that gave me vision to keep me moving forward. None of this was conscious and the conscious writing I am attempting now is a result of practice.

From the age of 1 year old and on I was sick. My physical body was not strong. At the age of 41/2 years old my Mother died of Cancer. After my Mother’s death I would not fully open myself up in relationships. I was very superficial. I did not wish to get close to anyone only to see that closeness come to an abrupt end. This is my start and I stayed with this up through college, partying, avoiding, making superficial commitments and walking away from them.

The first stage of my association with practice I call being pushed. High School is when I first starting showing up for practice. The motivation was I wanted to keep up with others physically and I wanted to be stronger in my body. I was tired of being sick so I went out for sports. It was on the practice field that I first met practice. In order to stay I had to practice, there was no room for watching and certainly no results in doing so.