DSC01702We teach different types of meditation which is a component in all of our classes. We offer several types of non-moving forms that still the mind, open the heart, and increase the exchange of qi. There are standing, sitting, and lying down postures. There is a meditation from the Vedic tradition, that focusses the mind through mantras and raises unity consciousness.

In the classes that offer the Tiaiki system of Tibetan internal arts, Holding the Tree is the basic standing meditation posture used along with over forty variations from this original form. The Horse Stance is applied here to directly strengthen the legs and encourage the student to surrender into the increasing movement and exchange of qi.

In the Sheng Zhen Meditation classes there are many mediations offered. The Union of Three Hearts is a sitting meditation that means to “flow through freely”. Its intent is to quiet the mind so one can connect within one self to Heaven, earth, and all humanity.

The Jiu Zhuan Zhen Dan, (Nine Turns Meditation) is done lying down so it can be practiced by those who are impaired physically. It involves the circulation of qi throughout the body to strengthen the body and mind.

Then there are 16 other standing and sitting forms that are meditations in movement and stillness.



The Sai Shakti Mediation, cultivates inner truth, by bringing us into balance with the universal consciousness. During meditation, our soul can express its voice, as it is not being governed by the thoughts and emotions that can often control our lives.  By using mantras, or the seed sounds of creation, we are given access to the silent knowledge that rests in every soul. Mantras are a bridge to facilitate a waking up to ones’  life purpose. Students notice greater clarity, ease, and a quiet restoration of strength and balance in their life.



Autumn/Early Winter - September 4, 2018 to December 14, 2018

Sheng Zhen Meditation Practice SessionGeorge WeilSunday5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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