Lisa DeRees


Sheng Zhen Gong is an amazing practice that has changed my life! When I attended the first class, taught in Moab in 1998, I had no idea or notion what this was about.  Primarily, I attended to heal and strengthen my right leg after an accident and surgery.  However, as I began to heal my physical body, regaining muscle, stability and strength, I began to learn a new language about love; unconditional love.

The movements and messages, teach me that I am opening my heart.  What does this mean?  In my own world of confusion, I am unraveling the knots in my heart.  Emotional wounds have softened and dissolved, like pealing the layers of negativity away, one day at a time. For the first time in my life, I feel I am learning compassion and forgiveness for those around me and for myself. In 2004, I attended my first Sheng Zhen Teacher Training in Nova Scotia.  I knew I wanted to deepen this experience in my own soul.  As a teacher, my dream is to share this powerful philosophy and mechanism of Sheng Zhen Gong to others for healing, naturally.

Moving into the ocean of life, I am committed to Sheng Zhen philosophy. As a Certified Sheng Zhen instructor, student, mother, grandmother, neighbor, volunteer and employee (to name a few), I choose to share and live a life in harmony, peace, balance, and unconditional love, to return to our original, innate source of being. Shen Zhen is a gift received from heaven.

Teaches: Sheng Zhen Meditation
Location: Moab, Utah

Email Address:
Phone: 435-260-9678