Dr. Donald T. Leathers, ND.

The Personal Medical Practice of Dr. Donald T. Leathers, ND.

Dr. Donald T. Leathers, ND is a licensed naturopathic physician in the states of Utah and Oregon. He is presently actively practicing in Moab, Utah. Dr. Don brings to medicine 25 years of experience with Chinese understanding of health and vitality and blends this with his education in naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Don’s practice is a general practice addressing acute as well as chronic disease in infants up through senior citizens. He uses modern lab diagnostic tests, physical diagnosis as well as thorough client intake to get to the root or cause of the health imbalance. This practice is based on teaching, first, about body and mind awareness of health. He strives to help his clients build a positive attitude about their health and life while learning good health maintenance practices.

Along with the tool of education, Dr. Don uses herbs, nutrition, diet, Homeopathy, musculo-skeletal bodywork, Qigong therapy, and life style counseling to help stimulate the body’s own natural means to heal itself. He has studied classical Homeopathy and continues to pursue further education in all avenues of medicine.

Dr. Don is a personal doctor who takes time with his clients and is available. He keeps open communication with all other health professionals and believes strongly in integrative medicines. He follows the naturopathic principles of doing no harm to the body and not suppressing the symptoms and he recognizes that there is a right time for everything. The art of medicine is, knowing what that timing is and what is most needed in that moment.

Dr. Donald Leathers offers a free initial consult. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact him using the Contact Us page.