Qigong Therapy

Qigong therapy comes from the discipline of Qigong. Qigong is the practice of exchanging qi (energy), with the earth and the universe. Qigong therapy applies this principle of exchange and augments this with the client.

In qigong therapy, the client experiences and responds to the movement of qi while lying on a table. This is the same experience one might have with an acupuncture treatment. The difference is, the Qigong practitioner does not use needles. The Qigong practitioner applies breath and movement, to amplify the qi exchange in his body. Then by touching acupuncture points, he/she begins to guide the client’s body to do the same.

As sessions progress, the client begins to feel qi in their body. As strength and focus of the qi increases, the client intuitively responds to the qi by moving their body, while moving into a deeper state of relaxation. The movement of qi leads the blood and blood carries the oxygen and nutrients. The more qi that is present, the more the client is nourished, which in turn helps clear imbalances on the physical, mental and emotional levels. In time, the client can begin to do Qigong on their own when they have the strength, desire, and will to do so. This is the optimum state. Maintaining your own qi flow benefits the Earth through the exchange of qi.