Catherine Leathers

Personal practice of Catherine Leathers

Catherine is an Advanced Practitioner and an Associate Instructor of Ortho-Bionomy. For the past 20 years she has been Nationally certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, NCTMB. She is a Certified Teacher and Healer from the Lineage of Sri Kaleshwar.  She offers Sai Shakti healing both in person and distance.

In her private practice, her bodywork modality is Ortho-Bionomy. She addresses structural imbalances that cause pain and impact the range of motion and body function. She effectively assists clients in the rehabilitation from an injury or surgery. This is accomplished by the reduction of muscle tension, increasing flexibility, relaxing the body, and improving circulation. Because Ortho-Bionomy is non-invasive and so gentle, some of her clients are senior citizens and people who are in significant pain. Many clients refer to work as magic because of the subtleness and quiet spaciousness of her sessions. The self-corrective nature of Ortho-Bionomy reminds the body of its innate ability to restore balance in its’ function and mobility.

Each Ortho-Bionomy session is unique and centered around the need and intent of the client. It becomes a dynamic exchange as awareness can arise of past structural imbalances along with thoughts or feelings that can help unravel patterns of discomfort.

Client Testimonials

“Catherine’s experience, coupled with her intuition, and innate wisdom, help my body remember healthier more comfortable ways of being. There is a science to Ortho-Bionomy, and she connects to her clients in ways that effect profound healing on multiple levels.”

“I have no idea how Ortho-Bionomy works, but I do know it does. It is magic and it helped me regain my mobility and loose the Frankenstein walk after breaking an ankle and 3 toes.”

“I have been a regular bodywork patient/client/student of Catherine for 16 going on 17 years. I have found her to be gifted with an ability to hone in on areas of a person’s body which need attention even when the person may not be aware or know it themselves. Beyond this Catherine is compassionate and kind to the soul of her patient/clients. I look forward to many more years of wellness, bodywork, and learning.”


Catherine also shares a unique method of healing found in ancient manuscripts from India. These healing techniques are many thousands of years old, and were known only to a few great Masters.  Swami Sri Kaleshwar re-discovered  this information and has trained hundreds of healers around the world. Catherine has steeped in this knowledge for the past 8 years.

In a Sai Shakti healing session, mantra (sacred vibration) and Yantra (sacred form), access channels of healing energy.  This loving energy speaks directly to the soul and cultivates peace, clarity, and transforms challenges. Heartbreak, depression, and anxiety diminish, as the spark of life is restored. A session can be in person or long distance.

Also, from this ancient knowledge, she teaches classes, meditations, and holds monthly full moon fire pujas  which clear personal and planetary negativity, while charging high positive protective energy.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Catherine Leathers contact her using the Contact Us page.