About Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising Center was established in 1998 as a community based educational organization. We currently offer ongoing classes and seminars in Taiqi, Qigong, martial arts (Kung fu), meditation, and healing ceremonies. We also provide individual client services in Naturopathic medicine, Ortho-Bionomy® and additional energetic body therapies. Our intention and primary focus is the cultivation of health and well being through increased awareness and sensitivity of qi, or energy. We advocate health, transformation, and full potential of life.

Phoenix Rising Center History

Moab is a unique landscape with a powerful center of healing light. On the Colorado Plateau, native cultures were drawn to this area for centuries for the richness of the land. Today people are drawn to Moab for their personal healing and recreation.

Co-founders of the Phoenix Rising Center, Catherine and Don Leathers N D., shared a vision to create a wellness retreat center in an environment that offers an abundance of alternative healing. Both have a background in the healing and internal arts. Their philosophy originated from an entire system of knowledge passed down from a Tibetan lineage. The essence of those teachings is that the Qi (pronounced: chee), or vital life energy has an innate wisdom. Rather than manipulate the Qi to do what we want, we follow the Qi to do what is right for us. This was the catalyst for the creation of our wellness center. As we cultivate a relationship with the Qi, it guides us into clear right action.

Our name impart, came from the Golden Phoenix Temple in Tibet to exemplify the root of our teachings. The name Phoenix also comes from the mythological bird that symbolizes change, transformation, and evolution. The word Rising reflects the Qi’s innate wisdom becoming foremost in our consciousness. As a Center we inspire people to trust this vital life energy.

At the same time the Phoenix Rising Center was forming, we were learning a new system of Qigong, Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong. This is the spirit of unconditional love; the highest most sacred truth. The underlying purpose of this practice is to experience the opening of the heart and help us return to our true nature.

Phoenix Rising Center offers classes and individual client services that will both delight the heart and cultivate wellbeing. The Center has been educating and inspiring our community since 1998. Participants learn how to follow the Qi, which focuses the mind, nourishes the body, and elevates the spirit.