Welcome to Phoenix Rising Center

DSC01700Phoenix Rising Center was established in 1998 as a community based educational organization in Moab, Utah. We currently offer ongoing classes and seminars in Taiqi, Qigong, martial arts (Kung fu), meditation and healing processes. We also provide individual client services in Naturopathic Medicine, Ortho-Bionomy®, and additional energetic body therapies. Our intention and primary focus is the cultivation of health and well being through increased awareness and sensitivity of qi, or energy. We advocate health, transformation, and full potential of life.

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Upcoming Events

Sheng Zhen Meditation Workshop with Master LI

Master Li returns to Moab, Utah for  2 two day seminars in Dec. 2018. He will teach (to be announced on Thurs. & Fri. Dec. 6 & 7 and Breath of Life (Lung form) on Sat. & Sun. Dec. 8 & 9, 2018.

Master Li has been coming to Moab, Utah since 2003....

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Full moon Fire Pujas

Teachings from Swami Sri Kaleshwar. This is an ancient vedic ceremony for decharging negative energy and soul charging positive energy....

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